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From the day I learned to put words on paper, I wanted to write stories. However, when I did so, teachers, and later editors, publishers and agents, were universally disparaging of my efforts. For a long time I tried to write the way others wanted me to write, with actually even worse results. Then in 2012, I felt an urgency to “write my future,” which I describe in the early posts of this blog site. As I gained confidence I changed it to “Writing…My Future,” intended as a double entendre. Today I write when I am moved to write, and I stop when the Muse makes her departure. Excerpts from my novel ‘The Potluck’ are included in the first 40 posts of my blog; for examples of articles, short fiction and poetry, as well as synopses of plays, check out Writing Samples on the menu bar. If you like what I have written, let me know, and if appropriate tell others as well.

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  1. DeAnna Hohnhorst

    I am enjoying seeing your future written and unfolding. It seems that with your story, you are helping to bridge the virtual vs manifest real-time space! A Reality box growing larger all the time.
    Lovin’ it.
    3 Cheers’


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