#1 The Experiment

Be Careful What You Ask For!

One day I decide to try something crazy. Now, I am a self-admitted out-of-the box thinker, so “crazy” is what most people expect from me; therefore for me to think of something as crazy, is…well really and truly crazy.

Here is my thought process before I do the crazy thing: “they” say people create the life they end up living. The conservatives will explain this is true because believing something will tend to make you act accordingly. That makes sense. The liberals (read New Agers and their ilk) will say that the energy you send out is the energy you get back. Law of Attraction or something like that. Maybe what the conservatives and liberals mean is actually the same thing except that conservatives don’t like to appear wacko, and in general the liberals really don’t care.

Anyway, what I am thinking is to conduct an experiment in which I can clearly trace results. Since I love to write, I will literally create my future by writing it. I mean” literally,” as in literature and “create” as an art form, in this case a work of fiction.

Next thing I think: experiments are generally more fun if you do them with others instead of alone, so I invite four known crazy people (they will consider this a compliment) to join me.

Now to cut to the chase: my project has its fits and starting overs, but one of the other members cuts right to her chase: she is divorced and knows exactly what kind of man she wants the next time around. She fleshes him out for us pretty good…and we all want him, too!

A couple of days after she shares her man vision with us, I have lunch with her. She rides her bike to our rendezvous and arrives ahead of me. By the time I get there she has a lunchtime story, or maybe it’s better described as a bedtime story. This is the story: a youngish–compared to those of us in the writing group, at least–French dude rides up into the parking lot on a really decked out bike just as she has parked hers. “Nice bike,” she calls to him. He comes over and starts to chat in that charming accent French guys have. And oh, did I mention, he is so good-looking, suave and all that? Bottom line, he thinks she is hot, too…and then he makes a proposal: to go to her place and have sex, because, he explains, he is really attracted to older women. In fact, he is waiting for one right now to divorce her husband, but in the meantime he wouldn’t mind…

Whoops! Her fleshed out guy is really hot on the outside, but not so cool inside. Immediately she stops writing about guys and writes about her garden instead. Within a week she meets a woman at a local farmer’s market who offers to design and execute her dream garden for FREE, which she does and it is wonderful!

(to be continued)

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