#15 Write and Left

There’s More Than One Way!

As I try to come to grips with the way I am writing The Potluck, it occurs to me that there are at least two ways to write—or to do anything for that matter: with the left brain or with the right. One is not right (well, actually it is, but you know what I mean) and the other wrong; however, depending on the situation one may be more appropriate than the other. The left brain likes to plan, to do, to make up rules and follow them, whereas the right brain is content to step into the river and go with the flow; it is not bound by rules, but relies on impulse and creativity.

I may be making it sound more enticing to be in right brain mode, and perhaps it is. What Einstein said, however, and I’m paraphrasing, is that the right brain dreams, but the left brain does the hard work of getting the dream out into the world in the best form possible. So in my writing I let the characters and plot flow in (which is totally fun and awesome), but then I must switch over to left brain to edit them and put them in this blog.To plan it first, methinks, is to put the cart before the horse, or mechanics before what is natural.

But enough! I am sensing you want me to get on with J.K’s story. Last time we left Renee conversing with Joe, who had identified himself as a wanderer.

“Joe walks places. From city to city, along rivers, in the countryside….” Monty explained.

“But why?” Renee asked.

Joe eyed her sternly, “The more appropriate question is ‘Why not?’” and then he stepped abruptly away.

“I didn’t mean to offend him. I’ve never met a wanderer before, so I didn’t know….”

A young, pretty woman in a thigh-length white coat interjected. “Oh, Joe is not offended. Just bored. He’s easily bored. Hi, Renee. I’m Reese Archer.”

“Are you a doctor?” Renee asked politely, eying the white coat and wondering if this was a costume party.

“No, that would be Sir John over there in the corner.” She pointed at a tall thin man with a goatee, dressed in a brown cardigan and yellow tie. “I’m a scientist.”

Before Renee could ask for more details Ms. Greenway was announcing that everyone was to be seated so she can make introductions. “Your place at the table is marked with a name card.”

Renee quickly found hers and settled into the king-sized chair. Noting that Monty had located his at the far end of the table, she realized she was on her own! Deliberately she began focusing on the people around the table. Across and one place to the right sat a young woman dressed in a skimpy V-necked top, which showed her cleavage to full advantage. Her lips were painted bright red and she was smoking a cigarette.


2 thoughts on “#15 Write and Left

  1. Cherie Pentecost

    Dear JK:

    Sure am enjoying your blog – it was nice reading it in the early quiet of Sun. morning minus the hectic rush-rush of the weekdays.

    Love the “chat” before each installment – which enhances it with clever and thought provoking, inspiring tidbits.

    In particular, I really liked your tip for writers! It was so inspiring I’m thinking about writing something myself!

    So thank you! Thank you veeeery much!

    Now I can’t wait to read the next installment!


    Your Number 1 Fan


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