#17 Mind Games

The Past Is The Future?

Remember last time I said there was so much to tell you about blogging a novel, but it would have to wait because I didn’t have enough words left? Call me whimsical (or perhaps another word you would like to substitute), but now I have a more compelling interest. Here’s how I came to it:

I am focusing on writing my future through the character of Renee. That means my future is attending a potluck, right? But guess what! I’ve been attending spiritual potlucks for years! (My definition of a spiritual potluck is a group of people with diverse spiritual views gathering to eat and talk.) I have forgotten until a member of my writing group reminds me! And the reason she knows is because she is often a guest at the same dinners. OMG! What do you do when the future that you have been writing has been happening all along?

I think this is a fascinating philosophical question with lots of implications about the meaning of our mental constructs of “past” and “future.” (I will get to this much later in more detail, but if you want a head start, check out teleology.) Admittedly the characters in my book are different than the people at my real life potlucks, although some of them do have select characteristics of people I have known. But Joe is definitely unique.That’s good, really good.I want to meet Joe! Let’s see if I can write him so clearly that he happens.

Meanwhile, back to Renee’s adventure. She has been looking around at the seated guests when…

Ms. Greenway stood up at the head of the table. “May I have your attention, please!” she called out. Renee was surprised it wasn’t Joe taking charge since he was their declared leader. “Welcome everyone! It has been several weeks since we’ve all been all together. Meanwhile, I am sure each of us has been out-and-about–or in our ivory towers–trying to save the world on our own terms. The number of spiritual adventurers has definitely been dwindling, but Monty has brought one here tonight to receive our collective wisdom. Renee, would you stand? Folks, this is Renee Wright…”

Monty rose to correct her, “Renee C. Wright.”

Several people chuckled when they heard her full name spoken. Ada waited for them to quiet down and then continued, “Renee C. Wright. Renee, if you don’t mind, we would very much enjoy hearing how you came to be interested in spiritual adventure.”

The request was unexpected and at first Renee felt confused and then annoyed. “You know, I have never claimed–ever!—to be interested in spiritual adventure. You need to ask Monty that question, because he is the one who keeps telling everyone that I am. Hell! I don’t even know what a spiritual adventure is!”

Monty looked amused, “She was bored,” he explained.

“Lots of people get bored, but that doesn’t mean they want spiritual adventure,” she retorted.

“Really, really tired of her perfect life,” he added.

“When a life is too perfect it is hard to see the point.” That was Joe agreeing from his seat next to Ada. “That’s why I walk.”


1 thought on “#17 Mind Games

  1. CLS

    Dear JK:
    Oh my, oh my – such interesting, mysterious & intriguing concepts you pose!

    And Renee’s – make that “Renee C. Wright’s” (BTW, I also chuckled)spiritual adventure. . . well, I am definitely hooked & feel as if I’m right there with her! I’m more than ready to ride along on her exciting spiritual adventure!

    Anxiously awaiting the next turn…..



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