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OK, yes, I admit it. This here post is a commercial break, but don’t stop reading yet because it also contains important information about blogging a novel as well as the usual UNusual excerpt from The Potluck. Now, for those of you who are already subscribers, unless you want a quick review of all the benefits you are getting over the drop-in reader, you have my permission to skip the next paragraph.

Here’s the commercial: Subscribers get information about writing and blogging, including relevant links; thought-provoking questions about spirituality and spiritual adventuring; insights about the characters in The Potluck and more… And for fun: amusing commentary and opportunities to win contests! An ongoing contest, for example is to guess the brands of spirituality portrayed by the characters at the potluck. No winner yet, so still time to subscribe and enter! There is a prize, too!

Read this paragraph for advice to writers: you want to attract and keep an audience right? To give you a heads-up in this regard, making regular, entertaining announcements to subscribers, along with giving them an opportunity to participate, keeps them interested and engaged.

The Potluck (book and chapter title) review and excerpt: Joe has just revealed that one of the reasons he walks is to keep boredom at bay. Continuing the story then:

Ada smiled and indicated Renee could take her seat. “Thanks Monty! And Joe, too. As for you, Renee, I am actually pleased to learn that you don’t know what a spiritual adventure is. That’s why you have come here: to meet all of us who have ideas of what it might be. Our goal is to help you initiate adventures of your own.

“Now I am going to go around the table and give a brief resume of each person here before we have dinner. I will begin with myself. I am an environmentalist, once a proud member of Greenpeace, but since then I have come to my own conclusions, some of which I am willing to share later. Later I would also be happy to suggest some alternatives to Tupperware.” Another smile in Renee’s direction.

Gesturing left around the corner to the long end of the table, she recited, “Knighted in England for his innovations in repair of the aortic valve, this doctor of medicine decided to move to our fair city to continue his work. We are greatly honored to have among us, Sir John, Mender of Broken Hearts.” This got a few laughs, but the doctor only smiled tightly as he gave his nod of acknowledgement.

“Next to Sir John is Rita Kulos. Rita works in customer service at our local cable company.” Startled, Renee glanced at her just in time to see a self-satisfied look spread across her face. Having had many unpleasant encounters with that company, Renee pondered cynically what spiritual good could possibly come out of Capable Cable!

Ada was moving on, “Mr. Fuller Banks, businessman and financier nonpareil.” Mr. Banks flashed a mouthful of perfectly straight and brilliantly white teeth.

“And next to him, Miss Lyla, exotic dancer, affectionally known to us as Dee,”

Stay tuned for more!

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