#2 Fits & Starts

OMG! I Am Renee!

So our writing group continues and then another member writes something that comes true. It’s about a midnight train leaving Georgia, and on the train are people who are there only to serve her–bring her food, give her massages, etc. Although it doesn’t happen on a train, the people start showing up in her life. So I’m thinking, I started this group and this is not happening to me!

Just about then I hear from an old acquaintance and happen to mention the group. She’s very excited and wants to read what I have written, but I say it’s not going well. Still this might be an opportunity for me to revise…give me a couple of days. In a couple of days here’s what I come up with:

      “The adventures first…explanations take such a dreadful time.” The Gryphon, Alice in Wonderland

 Chapter 1: The Call

Renee C. Wright had just turned 64 in the summer of 2011 when she made the decision to release her old way of life and take up a new one.

When she was a young college graduate she had dreamed of joining the Peace Corps, but instead opted for the perceived safety of marriage, a brief teaching career, and then a baby.

Much later, with her husband’s nose firmly pressed to the career grindstone and herself spinning in the vortex of her daughter’s teenage dramas, she recognized she was “The One,” meaning someone needed to keep the household stable; therefore, more or less agreeably she put her ambitions on hold for the greater good. Even so, she did not corral her fantasies, such as the one about traveling to Calcutta and putting a psychospiritual twist on Mother Teresa’s work.

 In her mind’s eye she saw the street people recognizing, through her masterful observations, that their physical hunger was only an outward symbol of soul hunger. (Being a former professor of literature, Renee was big on symbolism.) And so, with her guidance, they soon went on to change their hearts and minds, and thereby their lives. People began flocking to places where it was suspected she would make an appearance. She graciously gave of her time and talents as the world gradually transformed itself with her magic.

This fantasy was all wrapped up in a neat package and provided Renee years of satisfaction. And then it came to an abrupt halt. With the nest already emptied and Renee considering that now her own life could take a new direction, a dramatic change in fortune took top billing because of the grindstone situation. You see, her husband’s efforts had quite unexpectedly resulted in a financial windfall, temporarily causing him to feel like the surprised dog who actually caught the squirrel but then didn’t know what to do with it. It didn’t take him long to recover, however, and recognize that it was not catching the squirrel that was of ultimate importance, but the chasing of squirrels that provided the most satisfaction. Plus, one did not have to leave the comforts of domesticity to chase squirrels; they were, in fact, in abundance in every backyard of suburbia. So, like the proverbial dog, he could remain guardian of the home and be the hunter all at the same time. Sweet!

(to be continued)

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