#20 Q & A

Live The Questions, Write The Answers

I am sitting at my computer in my home office, but the faces around the potluck table look back at me. I wonder where they have come from and what they want from me. I know the only way to get answers to those questions is to write them, so I pick up where I left off with Ada introducing Reese Archer as a physicist researching the God particle.

Wait a minute! There’s a God particle?!!!  Renee was about to voice her astonishment at this of anomalous piece of information, but Ada was already focusing on Joe Kerr seated to her right at the short end of the table. “And this is Joe, whom you have already met. Whenever we are stuck for answers, Joe shows us the way. And now, before we get our food, I would like to ask Gilda to say the blessing.”

Gilda rose and quietly announced, “It is done, it is done, it is done. The food is blessed and so are we. We are grateful.”

“Well, apparently she’s not one to pray the potatoes cold!” was the first thought that flitted through Renee’s mind. The second one was that she found this tendency not only quite charming, but refreshing.

“Thank you, Gilda. Everyone, grab your plates and move into the kitchen where you will find the food served buffet style, or like they say in books, a moveable feast,” Ada chuckled briefly. “Joe will be coming around to pour the wine he brought from his recent journey to—where was it again, Joe?”

“Napa Valley.”

The pewter plate, like the chairs, was large and heavy and Renee envisioned ladening it with King Henry- sized roast venison, whole stuffed quail, pork pies, bread, of course, or more appropriate perhaps, coarse bread like the kind served in the Middle Ages. And for dessert some gooseberry tarts, curds and cream, fruited puddings….

Dr. Phil rushed ahead into the kitchen, but Abel courteously motioned Renee to precede him through the swinging wooden doors. The kitchen was modern and commercial with glaring bright ceiling lights. Ada presided over an unexpected assortment of food spread out on an aluminum folding table. The bread—a large dark loaf– was the only item Renee had anticipated. Next to it was a pot of honey. A massive platter of raw fall vegetables, including sliced yams, red and yellow beets, broccoli, cauliflower and fresh bitter greens, dominated the spread.

Ada gestured toward the vegetables, “From my organic garden. Gilda made the bread. It’s the special communion bread she serves at her church. Abel keeps bees, so the honey is from his hives.”

There was a large bowl of apples and pears, a dish of pecans, a plate of cheese and another of caviar, an assortment of petit fours, along with bowls of steaming hot soup, and a silver tray of marinated mushrooms.

Ada motioned to a covered dish. “Rita always brings macaroni and cheese from a box. It’s my favorite.”


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