#22 Finding God

The Ultimate Spiritual Adventure

Before I started writing about Renee, I didn’t even know I wanted to know where God hangs out. I’m sure you have heard that old joke where one person announces s/he has found God, and the other responds, “I didn’t know he was missing.”

While “missing” may be too strong a word to describe my feelings, Renee definitely got me thinking: what if God is playing a fun game of hide-and-seek? Is God in the breath as Buddhists claim? Or in the heart as Christians say? What about in the laboratory as is suggested in this next segment of The Potluck? (If you recall, we last left off with Ada pointing out that inviting Renee to join the group had a purpose):

“As is our usual custom with the initiation of the spiritually adventurous, we will now allow Renee to ask a question of one person from our group. That person will give a response and discussion will follow. Renee?”

Taken by surprise with the formality of Ada’s proposition, Renee pleaded, “Give me just a moment. It’s really hard to choose.” Finally she said with more or less conviction, “Well, I suppose the most interesting piece of information for me concerns Ms. Archer’s research of the God particle. What exactly is the God particle, and is she looking for it in the same laboratory that she uses to experiment with goat cheese?”

Laughter rippled around the table, but Reese offered her answer with gravity. “Some of you may have heard about the recent Higgs-bosun experiments being conducted at LHC. That’s the famous underground research center on the French-Swiss border; LHC, otherwise known as Large Hadron Collider. Higgs-bosun is a charge that creates mass in particles with which it interacts. Without mass there is no physical world, so in that sense, Higgs-bosun is the Creator, otherwise known as ‘God.’ Some kind of charge has to be creating mass,and the Hadron Collider just might be our best chance at finding out more about it.”

Gilda was skeptical. “Science is always trying to prove or disprove the existence of God. It can’t be done, so I don’t know why we keep resurrecting this argument.”

Reese ignored the comment. “Obviously I can’t do Higgs-bosun research in my tiny lab, but I have made several visits to LHC. And in that regard, let me say that anyone given access to LHC has to have good reasons, along with intense security clearance. I have also read most of what has been written about the Higgs-bosun charge and have my own opinions.”

For the first time Renee noticed that the trim, blonde’s skin was tan with an unusual matte finish. Was it a particular kind of make-up that made it appear so, she wondered idly until she realized that Reese had stopped speaking. After a long pause Renee asked, “Would you be willing to share what those opinions are?”

“No problem. Everything in the scientific world boils down to recipes. Higgs-bosun’s way of reacting with packets of energy is a recipe. Goat cheese is a recipe. So in answer to your second question, yes, I do research God in my lab, and every time I make cheese I find Him.”

“Her,” Dee murmured.

Really, Dee? If God is a woman, we’ve literally spent centuries looking in all the wrong places!



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