#23 Cheese & Bees

I Think I Agree With Joe

One of the members of the Writing My Future group asks about Monty. I tell her that he was a real person who offered me an editing job in Malaysia back in the 70s when my husband and I lived in Denver. As it turns out he is the real Monty now as well, which is different than, and as it turns out, not nearly as interesting as the full Monty. Because, you see, after she asked about him, I found him on the Internet, still living in Colorado with his wife. He has grand kids and writes spiritual books. The books look not just a little, but a lot dry to me; what is still interesting, however, as I recall Renee’s ennui back in March, 2013, Post #5, is that I do want to know more about that spiritual adventure he was offering so long ago. Except I want it to be my future, not my past. (OMG! I just realized what I am doing wrong! I should be saying my present instead of my future. Otherwise I may never see it!)

Regarding the adventure: the writing is going…oddly, dissolving into Lewis Carroll nonsense with the characters discussing God and goat cheese, which is perceived by some to be more spiritually evolved than macaroni and cheese:

Renee located Reese’s cheese on her plate and took a taste. It was delicious! Soft, creamy, tart. And the flavor….mmmmmm.

“I agree.” That was Ima speaking. “Being creative is the main attribute of God. Which is why we call God ‘The Creator.’ Duh!”

“And Nature is often referred to as ‘Creation,’” Ada remarked as she lifted a forkful of macaroni and cheese to her mouth. “Mother Earth has the best recipes. She takes soil, sunlight, seeds and makes radishes and carrots, celery and apricots,”

“In every recipe there is a key ingredient,” Reese continued. “Without that ingredient the recipe cannot become what it claims to be. Goat cheese cannot be goat cheese without goat milk. Objects cannot have mass without the Higgs-bosun charge. Perhaps there is even one thing that is the Key to Everything.”

“The legendary Philosopher’s Stone!” Phil growled. “The medieval alchemists thought it was gold.”

“Yes, gold, which is another word for money,” Fuller acquiesced. “Money is the magical ingredient that can change anything.”

Joe looked annoyed. “You are all full of shit,” he said as he stood and headed for the massive wooden door leading to the stairs.

No one seemed particularly disturbed by his abrupt exit. After a few seconds of silence Abel commented, “As always, Joe is right. We are being too dogmatic and logical. Consider bees for a moment. Nothing about them is logical. From an aerodynamic perspective they shouldn’t even be able to fly. And how they produce the honey is so amazing that the ancient peoples of Crete thought they were gods. There is evidence that they contorted various body parts to make themselves look more like bees. Which goes to say that our thinking needs to be more out-of-the-box. …”

“My macaroni and cheese is out of the box,” Rita stated, apropos of….anything?

“No, your mac and cheese came in a box literally and metaphorically. Americans consume way too much packaged and refined foods which clog the arteries and lead to heart disease.” Sir John delivered this observation in a clipped English accent.

Everything is getting curiouser and curiouser!


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