#25 No Fair!

Anyone Else Having Renee’s Adventure?

Each person in my “Writing My Future” group is supposed to be writing her own, personal, individual future, right? Well get this! One member has just reported to me that my adventure has somehow ended up in her life! Did the messenger god accidentally–or deliberately–deliver the envelope to the wrong address, I wonder?

Before I share further details of this very strange occurrence, you need to know that my writing group is further along in Renee’s story than you are. For example, I recently read them a chapter about how Gilda has a horse ministry for girls.

So, OK, my writing colleague learns about Gilda and the horses, and a couple of days later she receives a message from an old high school friend who announces she is teaching young girls about horses. But wait! That’s not all. From Chapter 4 you are already aware that that Abel is a bee keeper, but this same writing cohort has also been exposed to three additional chapters about Renee’s visit to Abel’s home and hives. Shortly after that exposure, an e-mail comes into her in-box from a local bee man offering her some of his wild-gathered honey.

No way! Well, apparently way. So now I’m wondering whether this is an example of Higher Intelligence’s wacky sense of humor–playing a prank on a worldview experimenter such as myself. Or is this Higher Intelligence not quite so intelligent as people say? Or maybe s/he needs to hire more competent mail service help?

As I said last time, and I say again, with so many unanswered questions, what else can I do but keep writing and hope for the best? Recalling, then, where we left off last time: Renee is really getting into the bread and honey when she suddenly notices that

…Abel was not participating in the table talk. She turned to him and said, “Such an unusual flavor that your honey has. Some kind of spice…”

His eyes sparkled as they met hers. “It’s my fall specialty. The bees harvest their nectar from my pumpkin blossoms, and I add a touch of cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. I’m pleased you like it. Have you tried the caviar? I recommend eating it with John’s mushrooms.”

They dug in, smacked their lips and gave each other approving thumbs up as the caviar and mushrooms disappeared from their plates.

“Now try the vegetables,” he suggested. “Ada grows the most amazing produce. She’s always giving it away.”

“I prefer my root vegetables cooked,” Renee stated as she bit into a slice of yam, “but wow! this is really good. Sweet, crispy.”

Her taste buds exploded with ecstasy. Had she ever tasted such food before? The beets were sweet, the broccoli and cauliflower pleasantly pungent.

“Let’s try your salad now.”

She was embarrassed. “It’s just lettuce from the grocery store; however, the dressing is from scratch. Raspberry vinegarette, made from–unfortunately raspberries I also bought at the grocery store! Hey, how about we jazz it up with some of Ada’s greens!”

Abel caught the spirit and they started doctoring the salad. “Put some of the goat cheese in and some pecans,”

“Slice some pear and apple into it as well.” Renee added. “Mmmmmmm. That’s really good.”

They were having such fun that at first they didn’t notice the room had turned quiet.


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