#28 Musings

I’m Getting Annoyed With Renee!

I think I told you that this novel is writing itself, which is a wonderful turn of events for a writer: No writer’s block! No story outlines. No character boards. All this and a free Muse, too! (Thanks again, Muse. I know you are reading this, and I love you for everything you do for me!)

This has been so fun, but now I’m starting to tire of Renee. From the beginning she has been indecisive: To spiritually adventure or not adventure? What to wear? What food to bring to the potluck…And now she’s getting downright judgmental. Personally, I would be thrilled to have such eccentric characters show up in my life to entertain me; yet all she can do is criticize how they live their peculiar (charmingly peculiar, in my opinion) brand of spirituality.

Of course it wouldn’t be right not to ask how this relates to my writing experiment. Still, the hardest thing in life is to see yourself as others see you, so I must ask you, my faithful followers: maybe you know me personally, or maybe you have only gotten to know me through these posts and/or the pithy subscriber letters I send you every week; either way, please be honest and tell me what similarities–and differences, if you would be so kind–you see between me–J.K.–and Renee C. Wright. I am most grateful in advance for your comments: there’s a place the end of this post or you can e-mail them to me.

Back to Renee–if, indeed, you can take any more of her right now!–various members of the potluck have just finished explaining why they do what they do, and in Joe’s absence Reese observes how his walking away gets more attention than any explanation ever could:

Since she was already well down the path of saying what was on her mind, Renee decided to indulge in one more vent. “OK. Everything you all are saying makes some sense, and if I thought about it a little longer I could probably make up a story of how each of you represents an angle on spirituality. With the exception of Rita. Maybe Ada would come to her defense and say she’s here to bring her junk food, but anyone could do that, including Ada herself. It’s really not all that hard to stop at a convenience store and buy something really bad for you–although I can definitely see the value in terms of guilt, if someone else brings it to you instead of you searching it out yourself. But back to Rita. It’s ridiculous how stupid the answers are that the customer service reps offer at Capable Cable Company. But maybe Rita is one of the smart ones. There have to be some smart ones, right? Still….Well, let me just ask, Rita why are you here?”

“Joe invited me.”

“O….K…. Do you have any idea why he invited you?”


“How did you meet him?”

“He came into our customer service center one day. You know the place where people pay their bills or come to pick up or return equipment?”

“Oh! I know it only too well! And I will do anything in the future to avoid standing in those lines, including paying for unreturned equipment if I have to.”

See what I mean about Renee?!!!

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