#29 Whimsy Is Good

So Maybe I Don’t Agree With Dr. Jung After All

One day recently, while a member of our “Writing My Future” group and I were having a  philosophical discussion about the nature of the universe, she suddenly made the announcement that although she believed in active good, which she called God, she did not believe in active evil. Evil, she proclaimed, is not a condition unique unto itself, but rather a lack of goodness.

How dare she, a person I had longed deemed exceptionally intelligent, say something so…so…wrong!  After a brief moment of collecting some thoughts, I responded, eloquently I hope, about how psychiatrist Carl Jung viewed the world of wholeness wrapped up in packages of opposites: love-hate, yin-yang, above-below…

“Active good without its opposite of active evil is…” I struggled to find the right word… “whimsical!” 

The word caught me by surprise. Renee’s world was whimsical: Monty showing up  40 years after she first met him and taking her to Serena’s parlor with the crystal ball and then on to that wonderful potluck of Alice characters was whimsical. Whimsy is fun!

And…get this! There’s a fictional genre that is essentially whimsical where realistic people and events are seamlessly combined with imaginary and dreamlike elements. The genre’s official name is magical realism. That’s my Potluck!

Speaking of ‘The Potluck,’ however, when last we observed, Renee was not being very whimsical at all; in fact, as we pick up where we left off, she continues to interrogate Rita within an inch of her life:

“Why did Joe come to your center? Was he having trouble with his cable service?”

“I don’t ‘spect so. I’m not even sure he has a home, much less cable. He walks, you know. He just come in the store one day and stood in a corner watching for awhile. It was time for my break and so I was heading for the door to get something out of my car. That’s when he stopped me and said, ‘I see you don’t have any answers.’ Well, I didn’t know what to think about that cause all day long I give people answers. Mostly they don’t like my answers, but I have answers.”

“Do you understand why they don’t like your answers?” Renee spoke sharply. “It’s because your answers are usually wrong! Why, one time a cable employee told me the Channel Guide was no longer being published, but I would still be charged for it unless I asked not to be. So I asked not to be and she told me there was a $5 charge to take it off my service! Later I found out that one of my friends was stilI getting the Guide, so obviously it was being published.”

She stopped to gaze suspiciously at Rita who, she now realized, was grossly overweight and sprawling in her chair. “I don’t usually remember the names of customer service reps, but oddly enough I recall her name was Rita, too. Was it you I talked with?”

“It could have been me.” Rita remained cool in the presence of Renee’s condescension. “But let me finish. After Joe said I didn’t have the answers, he said, ‘Follow me.’”

Rita stopped speaking. After a short pause, Renee asked, “Follow him where?”

I do hope that Renee shapes up soon, or she is going to have to be rewritten!

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