#30 Treat Me Nice

How Cool! Rita Likes Elvis!

We are getting close to the end of Chapter 4, so today I’m going to use my allotment of words to move quickly toward that goal, which I will achieve next time. Remember Renee had just asked Rita about where Joe wanted her to follow him:

“Here, I guess. He told me about this group and invited me to come. So I did.”


“And I kept coming cause I like it. Everybody treats me nice here.”

Monty pushed his chair back and stood up. “I’m afraid we will have to be leaving soon. It’s getting late and there are some folks out there who need me to show up in their dreams.”

Ada waved her hand in the air, “Wait! There’s still one matter of business. Renee, we like to offer our spiritual novices a day with anyone here to learn more about their peculiar brand of spiritual adventure. For example, since you seem fascinated with the idea of being able to research the God particle, perhaps you would like to spend a day with Reese in her laboratory.”

Renee looked around the table, starting on her right with Dr. Phil. He was rude and arrogant. She had known enough people like that in her life, so next! That would be Ima. Pottery was not one of her interests. Still, that mudra…. No. Not right away at least, she decided. Skipping past Monty she considered Gilda. After so many years of church-going, there just was no allure for her anymore in organized religion. On to Justin. Of all the people there, Justin seemed the most reasonable, but, you know, I’m just not that into the legal system, she told herself. Plus “reasonable” can get pretty boring after awhile. Dee was…well she simply was not that comfortable about spending time in a strip joint. And even though she loved to cook, she preferred cooking healthy to making pastry. Fuller was definitely a turn-off with his focus on material things, and of course, Rita—why would she ever want to waste her time with anything cable? That brought her to Sir John. There was something about him that bothered her besides the fact he represented Western Medicine rather than the holistic healing model she herself preferred. There was no joy in him! That was it! Ada was congenial—actually more than congenial with her ubiquitous smile– but there was no way Renee was going to be suckered into activism. Been there, done that, never worked, she reminded herself. Next was Joe’s empty chair. She had to admit, there was something about Joe…, but he wasn’t here to ask. Spending a day with Reese might be interesting. Or maybe not. The big picture of science held its fascination, but the detail of the lab—not so much. Perhaps Abel and his bees, then. Or at least Abel. Not so likely to get stung if she stuck with just him. But when it really came down to it, it was Joe about whom she really wanted to know more.

“If he were still here I would choose Joe. Yes. I would definitely choose Joe, even though I’m not sure I’m fit enough to walk all the way to Napa Valley yet,” she said with a smile.

(TBFVS–to be finished very soon)

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