#35 First Love

“The Horse Knows The Way”

I haven’t mentioned the writing my future group lately. Actually it was retired some time back after I finished writing The Potluck and began focusing my attention on this blog. Most of the members weren’t writing anyway, and I no longer felt the need to read to them as they can now read for themselves right here. Which they are doing. They are a loyal group and I appreciate everything they are doing to support me.

Meanwhile, the title of my blog has taken on a new meaning. Originally it was “Writing My Future,” subtitled “How I Wrote My Book.” Like this suggests, I am–consciously and unconsciously–writing my future through Renee. But what is also happening is that I am writing again, which was always my first love in terms of vocation. I abandoned that love many years ago because I believed the fiction police (writing teachers, editors, publishers…) when they told me I was unworthy. Now the love of my life has come back to me with the gift of The Potluck. So I have changed the title of my blog to “Writing…My Future.” It’s pure genie–ous, my three wishes are being granted all at once: a spiritual adventure, magical grandchildren and a future of writing. Excitement!

And now: the last time we saw Renee and her grandchildren, Lucy has no choice but to believe in magic after Joe recites “Raggedy Man”:

Renee looked on astounded. Lucy had transformed before her very eyes from an obnoxious miniature adult to an entranced child. So she actually remembered hearing the poem! Renee loved to read books to the children, but they had always fidgeted so much she thought they were not listening. And now when they came over, Jordan would prop them in front of the television with a movie that had cartoon characters she had never heard of like Sponge Bob, Shrek and a fish named Nemo.”It will keep them quiet,” Jordan would explain. And Renee sadly remembered Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, Alice in Wonderland—yes especially Alice, her favorite!—along with a host of other storybook friends she had grown up with and attempted to share with Jordan when she was young. Jordan had resisted listening to the stories when she was a child and now discouraged Renee from reading those old tales to her children because sometimes the stories did not turn out well, plus there were scary witches, trolls and monsters in them. “They would rather play video games, anyway” she explained. And this had made Renee even sadder, because she wasn’t good at video games and the children laughed at her when they beat her.

Reggie had stopped sucking his thumb and came close enough to touch the orange shoes. “No shoe strings,” he said.

Joe laughed. “That’s right little fellow. They just come loose and then you trip and fall. Besides,” he confided, “I never learned how to tie them. Do you know how to tie shoes?”

“I taught him how.” Lucy said proudly.

“Well, that’s good then. Sometimes it’s good to have shoe strings. No problem at all.”

“Can we ride you like a horsy? Just like it says in the story?” asked Rory.

“Be my guest,” said Joe getting down on his knees.

Renee had to sit down and catch her breath. What exactly was happening to her world?


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