#37 Ponderings…

About What To do Next. It Might Be Easier to Play Croquet!

I’m back! With much to think about after my meetings with agents. I had hoped getting published would be easier–more magical–but bottom line is that the old ways of traditional publishing have not changed one whit. Same old concerns: 1. What is Renee’s goal? (Answer: she has no specific goal–she just wants to be more fulfilled but has no clue how except to make a clear statement that something has to happen now–which is actually quite true-to-life, in my not-so-humble opinion.) 2. Given, therefore, Renee is having an internal conflict, but what is the conflict in her external world? (Answer: This is a journey of discovery and magic, not conflict. Why does every story have to have conflict?!! New paradigm, please.)

While I continue to ponder my next move, let me share the next part of Chapter 5. Remember, in our last excerpt Joe had suggested playing croquet, and Renee protested by saying she did not own a croquet set.

“Well, I guess you know what to do about that, Grandmama,” laughed Joe. “Be resourceful now and think of a story where someone played croquet.”

“I know! I know!” That was Lucy raising her hand. “Alice in Wonderland! They played croquet with hedgehogs for balls and flamingos for the clubby things that you hit with.” She turned thoughtful and added, “Except I don’t know what a hedgehog is.”

“Curiouser and curiouser,” muttered Renee.

“I guess we know what we have to do then,” said Joe. “Find a dictionary to learn what a hedgehog is and then go look for one. And also look for flamingos. I think I saw one next to your grandmama’s koi pond, actually.”

Rory and Reggie ran to the window to look at the pond, but Renee was quick to explain, “That’s not a flamingo. It’s a plastic heron to scare the real herons away so they don’t eat Mary koi for dinner.”

Lucy was scornful about the dictionary. “If my daddy wants to know something, he looks it up on the Internet.”

“OK, we can do that, too, if we can find an Internet. Are there any around here, Granny? Or maybe you can tell them what a hedgehog is.”

“It’s like a small porcupine, Lucy.” What was happening to her voice? She could barely speak and her heart was fluttering in a very strange manner! Was she having a heart attack, she wondered.

“Where would we find one of those?” Joe stroked his chin as if that would give him an idea.

“Maybe they have some at the pet store,” said Reggie.

“Or the zoo,” offered Rory.

“They wouldn’t let us take them out of the zoo, Rory.” Lucy was impatient with his lack of critical thinking skills. “Why don’t we just go to the store and buy a real croquet set? It would be a lot easier and wouldn’t hurt animals.”

“That’s a very good point,” Joe acknowledged. “We wouldn’t want to hurt animals. But maybe we can make our own croquet set.”

“I know!” Rory shouted. “Let’s use Granddaddy’s golf clubs.”

Renee felt a sickening lurch in the pit of her stomach. Edward would not be at all happy if the children played with his expensive clubs!

(TBC at least one more time in order to finish Chapter 5)

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