#40 I Lied!

Anyway, Number 40 Feels More Complete than 39

In my last post I told you that at the end of December this blog would magically morph into my writer’s website. Actually, I should have known better than to make a dogmatic statement like that, but apparently I didn’t know any better, so here I am offering Post #40 as a partial explanation of why the new website is not here.

I say “partial explanation” because I am in the space between personal mythologies, otherwise described as still very confused about my direction. My old myth was that I was a writer scorned, and I thought my new one was going to be writer confident. Instead, for the moment I am being just being confidant (ALERT: there is a difference in meaning between “confident” and “confidant”), with the writer part very shaky.

Briefly, like Renee in my story, I was recently invited to attend a “potluck” of spiritual adventurers: nine powerful women with outrageous dreams about how to change the world. Since then, I have seen a vast new world of possibilities opening up, and like the writer Parvati in Paul Theroux’s novel ‘A Dead Hand,’ I am feeling that “I would rather live more and write less.” At least for the moment.

So, bottom line, I do not know exactly how this is going to unfold, but I will keep you updated in this blog. No notifications of new posts will be sent to former subscribers; however, an easy way to stay in touch is through FB: http://on.fb.me/13j389S or by registering as a follower on this blog.

Isn’t it funny? I have written/am writing my future, which was the original title of my blog before I changed it to “Writing…My Future.” ( Which could also be an apt description if I just add a question mark.)



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