#6 Hijacked!

I Would Never Do What Renee is Going to Do! Or Would I?

I read the next segment to the group and also send it to my Muse. Everyone loves it,  especially the Muse, whose favorite ejaculation is becoming “Wow!”

In spite of the fact that a few minutes earlier Renee had been ready for anything to relieve her boredom, she felt indignant. How dare he suggest leaving? As if he were indicating she had no life! And it was true, she did have a life–of sorts. Like most people she had friends, extended family such as aunts, uncles, cousins and a brother and sister-in-law who lived several hundred miles away in her home town. And then there was Edward’s sister and brother, their children, and of course several couples whose company they enjoyed socially, not to mention Edward’s many business acquaintances.

 “I’m afraid you have assumed too much,” she responded primly to Monty’s invitation, which did not seem so much of an invitation as a command. “What I mean is, I’m not sure I want to go anywhere anymore.” That was a lie, but she had just happened to remember that it’s usually prudent to look before you leap.

“No.” His certainty was eerie. “That’s not true. What you want is a spiritual adventure. It’s what you have always wanted. Sometimes so secretly that most parts of you didn’t even know.”

“I have a family, you know—a daughter, grandchildren. And my husband—I love him very much. I wouldn’t want to risk damaging that relationship….”

“There can be no adventure without risk and sacrifice. But I’ll give you a day to think about it…” A sharpness in his voice suggested frustration; however, he brought it under control rather abruptly, adding in a more kindly tone, “We can take some day trips first, just so you can be sure.”

Renee startled at the phrasing. Day trips! Weren’t those the exact words she had been using to describe her plans to herself?

He moved toward the door.

“Wait!” she cried. “What kind of day trips are you talking about?”

His smile was enigmatic. “Are you free tomorrow?”

She nodded hesitantly as she mentally checked her calendar.

“And will your husband let you go this time?” There was a smile in his keen blue eyes.

Something freed up inside her enough so she could laugh. “Actually, this time I hardly think he will notice.”

“Good, then be ready at nine and I will show you.”

Before she could agree or disagree he was down the sidewalk, had straddled his cycle, revved the motor, and was gone in a swirl of exhaust.

Renee is doing whatever she damn well pleases in my book. I have lost control. OMG! Does this mean that my future is writing me?


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