My Work and Play

Every life is marked by defining events that shape as well as distort all that follow. For me there are three that stand out.The first happened when I was five.I was playing in my backyard when I heard a Voice say my mission was to bring peace to the planet. The second is much more of the ordinary variety: I loved to write stories. My learning curve in this regard was to believe in myself, which has taken almost a lifetime. I took several detours before I came to the realization that the key was to do it my way. It has been said that those who can’t do, teach. That was one of my detours, to teach what I wanted to learn. The third defining event was a word that resounded in my head as I was coming out of a long illness. This word was “play.” Peace, write, play. What do these have to do with one another? I have some thoughts, which I will be exploring further in my blog. I would love to have you join my on this journey of discovery.

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