Fairies Are Fun…

And So Are Magic Men!

This play thing is getting out of hand in terms of how it is taking over my writing site. I love it when that happens! In that context, here’s the fourth in an unplanned series on play:

This past Friday we had another OTE (Over-the-Edge) play group to build fairy houses in a local park. When we plan something, whether it be making Easter bonnets or fairy houses, we are always open to something else happening as well. Last time, as you may recall, coffee house patrons Stacy and David made quite a fuss over our tutus and Easter head gear. This time we did build a fairy house, which was totally fun, but then we got distracted by other things, such as a large piece of gauze brought by one of our members, which we used as an opportunity for dress-up. We posed our model in front of a  tree that looked quite as magical as she did, then took her picture, which, under the circumstances of building fairy houses, should be captioned “Fairy Godmother.”

Fairy Godmother

Once we start playing, creativity flows, so in short notice someone commented that we need to take more pictures at our events. “But not always of our faces!” another commented excitedly. “Let’s do a butt pose!” was a proposal that soon followed.

We looked around for someone to take the picture so we could all be in it, but there was no one in sight. Then, suddenly, a man  in a white shirt and dress pants appeared. Perhaps he came from the restrooms a little off to our right, but in retrospect, it was if he just materialized into our line of vision. As he walked toward us we chorused, “Will you take a picture of our butts?”

We were laughing hysterically, but he smiled calmly at us and said, “Of course!”

Cute butts

After we thanked him, he strolled away. It was only after he was gone that we realized he was walking in the opposite direction of the parking lot or any other place a man dressed as he was would be heading. And then he seemed to vanish into thin air.

Fairies, magic men, the likes of David and Stacy…: play and they will come. I love it when that happens!

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