Hats On To You!

(As Opposed to “Hats Off,” Of Course!)

One of my friends likes to say that I wear many hats. Actually that is literally as well as metaphorically true. Case in point: a couple of weeks ago my Over-The-Edge (OTE for short) play group met at a local coffee house to make Easter bonnets, or for some of us, Easter head gear, which we then donned and went out on the coffee shop patio to have an adventure. We also wore the tutus we had made at an earlier OTE gathering, so you know we were totally CUTE!

But before I tell you about the amazing adventure that followed on the patio, I want to say the name and location of this coffee shop, because not only is their coffee awesome and they let us do crazy things there, but they support fair trade coffee growers in Rwanda, which means they are also all about another hat I like to wear called “World Peace” (cf. my last post entitled “Play for Peace“). The name of this fabulous establishment is Land of a Thousand Hills in Roswell, GA.

So, to continue this story of magic and wonder…our entourage waltzes out onto the patio to take pictures of our cute selves, and there’s this man and woman–David and Stacy as it turns out–seated at a table sipping coffee and chatting. They stop in mid-sentence to comment on our get-ups. After fawning over us for a bit, they want to know who we are. We tell them about our play group. Stacy is ecstatic. She says this is one of the most amazing days in her life, meeting a play group of adult women. She also says how adorable we are, and then she wants to know if she can join our group. We answer that she is welcome to visit next month. Meanwhile David observes that what we are doing is “holy” because we have become like little children, and that’s how you enter the Kingdom of Heaven. So we talk a little more, and then Stacy makes what she believes is an outrageous statement: “You see! This is the kind of thing that is going to save the world.” We in the play group exchange smirks with each other, because, you see, we have known this for awhile now, in fact, ever since we started our group nine years ago. However, this is the first time a stranger has recognized it straight off upon seeing us in action, and so we are charmed. We tell her that yes, we are aware of that. That’s when she gets very excited. “Have I said the right thing?” she asks with elation. Once again we answer in the affirmative, and she is overjoyed.

David suggests we all have our picture taken together. We ask another patron to play camera-woman, and the rest is, as “they” like to say, history.

Over-the-Edge Playgroup

2 thoughts on “Hats On To You!

  1. Janie

    You really are TOTALLY CUTE…and your blog makes me laugh. Peace signs and hugs to all my playmates!…Janie


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