Is “Juicy” The Key?

Wow! I Think He Photoshopped The Future!

So all along I’ve been writing about writing, right? But because of something that happened last week, I’ve expanded my perspective on how to create the future. Yes, that is the correct term: create. Writing the future is too limited when we are talking about universal guidelines for future-making. (Just in case we are talking about universal guidelines, blanket rules, you know.)

This is the background information to my aha: an acquaintance, well, actually a relative, no wait, he’s just an in-law (private joke in case he reads this)! Anyway, this person whom I will designate as “M,” is a photographer… and a writer, but that is not really relevant in this instance… He also likes celebrities a lot. So what he did for his daughter’s wedding reception a couple of years ago was to photoshop all kinds of famous people posing with the newly-weds. For example, when I went into the ladies’ room, on the inside of the stall door there they were hanging out with William and Kate. In another place they were with Jay Leno.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. M recently got free tickets to a Jay Leno event, to which he took his wife, his daughter and her husband. At that event last week, Jay picked out M’s daughter and son-in-law from the audience and began talking with them about their jobs. The end. I know! You probably expected more, like they had their picture taken with him or they happened to have the wedding photo he was in, and he autographed it, blah, blah, blah.

Which brings up an interesting question: if we are really creating our futures when we engage in some kind of artistic fiction, why does that future not appear in reality exactly the way we created it?

I have some theories. Feel free to reject them, tweak them…or best of all, start a discussion here or on my FB page about your perspectives. My view is that in order to create our future, we have to use the expressive medium that we enjoy the most. For me that would be writing and for M it is often photography. Then, the more fun we have creating and the more time we spend doing it, and the deeper the desire we have for it to manifest, the more likely it is that parts of it will eventually make their appearance in consensus reality. In other words, it has to have juice! The very act of creating involves engagement, delight, desire and surprise. Surprise because when we lose ourselves in the creative act, it often takes a shape we are not expecting. I know this happened over and over again as I was writing my novel The Potluck.

But then, maybe none of the above is the truth, and the little reality blips we get from our artistic endeavors are only random coincidences. Or, possibly they are, as a friend of mine likes to say, “just for our entertainment,” since life itself is a fun ride on the amusement park of planet Earth. I like that concept, actually. It keeps me from being too serious about a game that will eventually end anyway.


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