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Forget Fairies…

because my attention has been diverted to money. I’ve always been interested in money, but probably not in the way many people are. A few years ago I spent some time sorting through my issues around money, such as how I had unthinkingly adopted some of my parents’ perspectives about the commodity. One of those perspectives was that there was always enough for the necessities, but the luxuries were scarce. For example, unless I outgrew them, buying more than one pair of shoes in a school year was a luxury. One fall I made a huge mistake when I selected my pair from the store, and I had to live for an entire miserable year with shoes I hated. Another time, I made excuses of why I could only go on four rides at the county fair, excuses such as, they made me sick, or amusement park rides are just a dumb way to spend one’s time. The truth was that I was embarrassed that my parents had only given me one dollar to spend, whereas all my friends had three or four.

Much later, after childhood was a distant memory, I wondered, how had my early experiences with money affected me psychologically? And what behaviors were still keeping me financially stuck? In addition, I observed that some generally kind and ethical people became unkind and unethical when money was in the picture. Those types of issues made me aware that there was more to money than meets the eye. In fact it has an energy. As a result of this understanding, I have now not only come to terms with my personal issues but turned them around in a most wondrous way (and in the process helped other people to do the same); still, there has long been a nagging feeling that I was missing something major.

And I was! What I had been focusing on was the small, personal picture of money energy. To use an analogy, it was a Newtonian view, and what I was not seeing was the quantum view. But in the last couple  of months, two acquaintances in quite different circumstances and without any prompting on my end, referenced a recent (2011) book about Money that is blowing my mind. ( I deliberately use a capital “M”  indicating a larger quantum or spiritual view.) The name of this revolutionary book is Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein, and strangely enough, I’m not going to recommend you read it unless you like heavy-duty academic texts; if you do, then, by all means, read it. If not, I suggest you keep checking this blog–or sign up to receive e-mail alerts of new posts–where I intend (unless I am once again derailed by spiritual ADHD) to summarize some of the main points of the book and then suggest implications. And by writing about changing the world of finance, I just may be writing all of our futures, not just mine! How cool is that?!!! Meanwhile, you may like to take a look at a video of the author’s description of his work: Sacred Economics


P.S. Hmmmm. Quantum worlds: worlds of  tiny particles. Fairy realms: worlds of tiny creatures. Might they be just a description of the same thing? Just in case, let’s don’t forget the fairies quite yet.

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  1. Lisa

    Eisenstein’s news books is The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible. It’s quite readable and inspiring.


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