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#11 A Muse Zing

We Need to Move Faster!

My Muse is kicking up her heels again, saying the blog is too slow and she’s afraid people are getting impatient. She thinks they want to read the story in bigger chunks. She’s never been a fan of the blog idea anyway and has been pushing for finding an agent and a publisher for my book, pronto. This would be great, of course, so if you know any….

Well, anyway, here’s what I have decided: if you are one of those readers who is just popping in to look around once in awhile and haven’t become a subscriber, you get to read my summary of Chapter 3 of The Potluck in this post. Subscribers will also have a chance to download the whole chapter. (Hint, hint!)

Chapter 3 is called “Crone,” and it tells how Renee reads in the little black book about Serena’s experiences growing up in a small town in Czechoslovakia where her father was a physician. Bands of Gypsies would wander through the town periodically and Serena became fascinated with their gaudy costumes, their tipsy wagons and most of all their crystal balls. Eventually she has an opportunity to gaze into a ball (called scrying) and is hooked. She goes away to medical school, but comes back to practice in the village and study the ways of the Gypsies. What she learns is that there is a long history of scrying, which at one time was viewed with a great deal of respect.

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