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#38 Full Circle

I’m Back Where I Started, But I’m Not In The Same Place

I read recently that stories are worlds with no limits. I like that, especially because it fits well with the notion with which I started this blog ten months ago: writing a future where anything is possible. Do I believe that? While I think about my answer, here’s the conclusion to Chapter 5. (Remember, last time Renee needed to act quickly to prevent Edward’s golf clubs from becoming croquet mallets.)

“Joe, how about we research some of these ideas. The children and I can start by reading Rumplestiltskin. Maybe it’s not as hard as we think to spin straw into gold.”

“As the Red Queen liked to say, believing the impossible is a good thing. ‘Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast,’ she once said.” Joe smiled.

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#37 Ponderings…

About What To do Next. It Might Be Easier to Play Croquet!

I’m back! With much to think about after my meetings with agents. I had hoped getting published would be easier–more magical–but bottom line is that the old ways of traditional publishing have not changed one whit. Same old concerns: 1. What is Renee’s goal? (Answer: she has no specific goal–she just wants to be more fulfilled but has no clue how except to make a clear statement that something has to happen now–which is actually quite true-to-life, in my not-so-humble opinion.) 2. Given, therefore, Renee is having an internal conflict, but what is the conflict in her external world? (Answer: This is a journey of discovery and magic, not conflict. Why does every story have to have conflict?!! New paradigm, please.)

While I continue to ponder my next move, let me share the next part of Chapter 5. Remember, in our last excerpt Joe had suggested playing croquet, and Renee protested by saying she did not own a croquet set.

“Well, I guess you know what to do about that, Grandmama,” laughed Joe. “Be resourceful now and think of a story where someone played croquet.”

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#21 Smorgasbord

It’s So Cool To Have Options!

I love hearing from my Muse. At least I love hearing her reactions to my writing: “thrilling,” she tells me, “inspiring, magical!” At the end of these accolades she adds, “New York Times bestseller list.”

By that she means find a traditional publisher such as Random House. Or maybe Hay House, which publishes books on spirituality. She has a connection who has connections. She is going to court this person. Persistently.

Meanwhile, in addition to a member of my writing group handing me the ‘How To Blog a Book’ book, other people are just kind of showing up and offering to help me in other ways: a webmaster, a person with experience in self-publishing…

My position is to remain open to serendipity. Since the Muse is having trouble getting a date with her connection and the person who has the self-publishing know-how is suddenly too busy to help me, I go with the webmaster who is ready and willing to show me how to blog.

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#2 Fits & Starts

OMG! I Am Renee!

So our writing group continues and then another member writes something that comes true. It’s about a midnight train leaving Georgia, and on the train are people who are there only to serve her–bring her food, give her massages, etc. Although it doesn’t happen on a train, the people start showing up in her life. So I’m thinking, I started this group and this is not happening to me!

Just about then I hear from an old acquaintance and happen to mention the group. She’s very excited and wants to read what I have written, but I say it’s not going well. Still this might be an opportunity for me to revise…give me a couple of days. In a couple of days here’s what I come up with:

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