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#31 Deconstruct?

Dr. Phil Needs To Examine His Own B.S.!

As promised, this is the end of Chapter 4. Chapter 5 has some surprises, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, as a quick review, Renee selected Joe as the person with whom she wished to spend more time, but she was hesitant about her ability to keep up with someone whose vocation is walking:

The sound of Phil’s voice grated into her right ear. “You are struggling with a personal mythology and a world view that is preventing you from moving forward. You need to examine your belief systems, B.S. for short.”

One of Renee’s pet peeves was having people tell her what her problem was without knowing all the details and without her input. She also distrusted easy answers and was considering saying so when Monty interrupted by reiterating that they really had to be on their way. How interesting that time was important when he felt he had to be somewhere in what so many would consider an alternate reality, but not when someone was waiting for him in this one.

It was clear everyone else was planning to stay awhile longer, so, regretfully, Renee said her good-byes as Monty paced back and forth between her and the door. When she finished and he bolted up the stairs ahead of her she upbraided him, “I was just getting to know who everyone was. It was interesting, though not exceptionally spiritual. Or at least in the way I view spiritual. Still, why did we have to leave so early?”

 “Deconstruct,” he advised.

“What does that mean?” she inquired. They were standing next to his Harley now. Well, at least she assumed it must be a Harley since that’s the only big bike she knew. When it wasn’t so dark she should check for sure, and then asked herself why she should even care what kind of bike he rode. His helmet was on and she was uncertain whether he had heard her question. Regardless, she could tell by his demeanor that their conversation was at an end. And that’s when she realized that she and Monty had never had a conversation. It was not his m.o. He was a person of action and it would likely be up to her to figure out what he meant by “deconstruct.”

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