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#16 Synchronicity

 I Love Fun Surprises!

The “Writing My Future” group is still functioning; you know–the experiment I introduced you to in Post #1? The members are mostly coming to hear me read another chapter of The Potluck, however. At one meeting a member hands me a book written by a friend of hers, Nina Amir. The name of the book is How to Blog a Book.

I page through it and see it is about blogging a non-fiction book, and I idly wonder if one could blog a novel. I feel a spark of excitement. It feels like synchronicity, that right brain experience of unexpected coincidences pointing to a path. I love out-of-the box ways of doing things. Writing my future has taken a new twist!

Long story short, in the next few days I read the book from cover to cover and come up with the idea for this blog: a non-fiction framework about a new way of writing, with an embedded excerpt of fiction!

I want to tell you so much more, but it will have to wait because I am running of words (the blog book says a post should be no more than 500 and ideally about 250), and I need to save some for the excerpt from Chapter 4, so here’s the review for those who can’t remember: you have met Joe and Ada, and I left you with Renee gazing across the table at the girl with the cigarette and cleavage.

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