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#18 Break

Subscribers Have More Fun!

OK, yes, I admit it. This here post is a commercial break, but don’t stop reading yet because it also contains important information about blogging a novel as well as the usual UNusual excerpt from The Potluck. Now, for those of you who are already subscribers, unless you want a quick review of all the benefits you are getting over the drop-in reader, you have my permission to skip the next paragraph.

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#17 Mind Games

The Past Is The Future?

Remember last time I said there was so much to tell you about blogging a novel, but it would have to wait because I didn’t have enough words left? Call me whimsical (or perhaps another word you would like to substitute), but now I have a more compelling interest. Here’s how I came to it:

I am focusing on writing my future through the character of Renee. That means my future is attending a potluck, right? But guess what! I’ve been attending spiritual potlucks for years! (My definition of a spiritual potluck is a group of people with diverse spiritual views gathering to eat and talk.) I have forgotten until a member of my writing group reminds me! And the reason she knows is because she is often a guest at the same dinners. OMG! What do you do when the future that you have been writing has been happening all along?

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