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#36 Sabbatical

Joe Knows Everyone In Storybook Land. Imagine That!

Every so often it is important for a person to take a break and evaluate where she has been and where she is going. That would be me. Now. One thing I have noted is that no agents, editors or publishers are clamoring to publish my book, which was one of my primary reasons to experiment with blogging a work of fiction. It was never my intention to give away the whole book, but rather to stimulate readers’ interest in reading it in a published form.

Therefore, I have been researching self-publishing and also have appointments with four agents in early November to discuss the possibility of a publishing contract with a traditional publisher. Right now I feel I need to put my emphasis on the publishing part, so here’s the plan: I will get back to all of you, my faithful readers, in mid-November and let you know what is happening and for sure give you the ending to Chapter 5–and maybe more. Meanwhile, take a look at how Joe continues to engage Renee and her grandchildren with more Raggedy Man play:

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