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Play for Peace

It’s A Real Come-To-Jesus-And-Nelson Mandela Moment!

Three posts ago in “Ghost Writer,” I reported how my mother came back three times after her death to tell me she “wished she could have been there more” for me. To continue that story, after Mom’s third visit, I decided it was time to stop blaming and start forgiving. And actually I realized had a powerful resource just waiting for me on my closet shelf: the Satori game, developed by a couple of my friends, Debbie Unterman and DeAnna Hohnhurst. They are also the creators of an earlier game called Clarity. The story about how Satori came to be goes something like this: when Colin Tipping, author of the 1997 book Radical Forgiveness, played Clarity, he was so impressed that he asked the women to design Satori, The Radical Forgiveness Game, for him.

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