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#12 Breaking Free

If You Want Adventure, You Need to Write It!

I write the following about spilling the scarves on the bed, and then a few days later attend a gathering of friends.The hostess has invited an acquaintance to show us some dances. This acquaintance empties a large bag of scarves on the floor. Like mine in the story, they range from whimsical and bright to casual and muted! Then she tells us to choose one to wrap around ourselves and two to float through the air as we dance. I choose one with purple sass to wear. This is very weird, I think…and wonderful!

                                                  Chapter 4: Potluck
Despite the fact that Renee had made such calm arrangements with Edward to be away that evening, her day was peppered with fret. “Monty is coming to take me on another adventure!” had been her first thought upon waking. And her next one was, “Wait! It was only a dream, and despite the preternatural occurrences of the last couple of days, I still am rational enough to know that dreams usually aren’t to be taken literally.”

After Edward left for work and she reconsidered the possibility that Monty would not be showing up that evening after all, a feeling of alarm swept through her being. This feeling was immediately followed by anger. She muttered stubbornly to herself—since there was now no one else in the room to whom it could be muttered, “I will have my quixotic adventure. It is my right! I want it, even if it is at the expense of sanity. Sanity is way overrated anyway.”

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