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Spiritual ADHD

Forget Fairies…

because my attention has been diverted to money. I’ve always been interested in money, but probably not in the way many people are. A few years ago I spent some time sorting through my issues around money, such as how I had unthinkingly adopted some of my parents’ perspectives about the commodity. One of those perspectives was that there was always enough for the necessities, but the luxuries were scarce. For example, unless I outgrew them, buying more than one pair of shoes in a school year was a luxury. One fall I made a huge mistake when I selected my pair from the store, and I had to live for an entire miserable year with shoes I hated. Another time, I made excuses of why I could only go on four rides at the county fair, excuses such as, they made me sick, or amusement park rides are just a dumb way to spend one’s time. The truth was that I was embarrassed that my parents had only given me one dollar to spend, whereas all my friends had three or four.

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Fairies Are My Future…

And My Present!

“Present” meaning both right now and a gift. Right now I am in the throes of fairy fascination as a result of the fairy adventures described in my last post: I have plans for building my own fairy house and garden, I have been reading books about them. I’m also mindful of Shakespeare’s play: A Midsummer Night’s Dream which is about fairies and how their lives intersect with those of humans: so how mysteriously awesome it is that I have written a play entitled A Midsummer Nights’ Spell?!! (Read a synopsis: http://jkwintersauthor.com/writing-samples/plays/midsummer-nights-spell-a-play-on-words/.) To have something be mysteriously awesome is just one of the gifts I am receiving right now.

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