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#30 Treat Me Nice

How Cool! Rita Likes Elvis!

We are getting close to the end of Chapter 4, so today I’m going to use my allotment of words to move quickly toward that goal, which I will achieve next time. Remember Renee had just asked Rita about where Joe wanted her to follow him:

“Here, I guess. He told me about this group and invited me to come. So I did.”


“And I kept coming cause I like it. Everybody treats me nice here.”

Monty pushed his chair back and stood up. “I’m afraid we will have to be leaving soon. It’s getting late and there are some folks out there who need me to show up in their dreams.”

Ada waved her hand in the air, “Wait! There’s still one matter of business. Renee, we like to offer our spiritual novices a day with anyone here to learn more about their peculiar brand of spiritual adventure. For example, since you seem fascinated with the idea of being able to research the God particle, perhaps you would like to spend a day with Reese in her laboratory.”

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