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#23 Cheese & Bees

I Think I Agree With Joe

One of the members of the Writing My Future group asks about Monty. I tell her that he was a real person who offered me an editing job in Malaysia back in the 70s when my husband and I lived in Denver. As it turns out he is the real Monty now as well, which is different than, and as it turns out, not nearly as interesting as the full Monty. Because, you see, after she asked about him, I found him on the Internet, still living in Colorado with his wife. He has grand kids and writes spiritual books. The books look not just a little, but a lot dry to me; what is still interesting, however, as I recall Renee’s ennui back in March, 2013, Post #5, is that I do want to know more about that spiritual adventure he was offering so long ago. Except I want it to be my future, not my past. (OMG! I just realized what I am doing wrong! I should be saying my present instead of my future. Otherwise I may never see it!)

Regarding the adventure: the writing is going…oddly, dissolving into Lewis Carroll nonsense with the characters discussing God and goat cheese, which is perceived by some to be more spiritually evolved than macaroni and cheese:

Renee located Reese’s cheese on her plate and took a taste. It was delicious! Soft, creamy, tart. And the flavor….mmmmmm.

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