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Ghost Writer

OMG! I Was Writing My Future And Didn’t Even Notice!

FORMAT ALERT! Before I tell you about the ghost, let me say I’m not including numbers on the posts anymore because the subject matter changes here, right now, from 40 posts about my novel ‘The Potluck’ to posts that are about “writing…my future” in a more generic sense.

O.K. here’s the ghost story that came true: In 2006 I wrote a one-act play entitled ‘Midsummer Nights’ Spell: A Play on Words.’ It featured a story “based on actual events,” as they like to say in the movie business, which means some of it really happened and some of it is made up. Indeed, the play was a fictionalized account of my son’s wedding in July, 2006, and all the crazy stuff that happened that midsummer weekend from them missing their honeymoon flight to me having a house full of relatives airing their disagreements with each other, most of this occurring while they (the relatives) played the board game Upwords. My mother was central to the plot as she was a champion of word games both on the board and off. When I wrote what is now Act 1, it was, of course, about something that had already happened in the past.

After my mother died in 2010, I wrote Act 2, based on a real-life repeat of the relationship dramas in Act 1. However, this time the departure I made from fact was to have my mother present at the funeral preparations in the guise of a ghost. Bottom line of Act 2 is that Mom floats in mainly to make observations about how she could have done better at loving us all–me especially, obviously, since this is my story.

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