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Living My Future

I’m Finished With All Things Contrived or Artificial…

from classes to workshops to writing my future.  Maybe even writing itself, because…

something so very interesting has happened since I wrote my last post on 9/11. My site blew up! That’s right, I got hit big time in the ivory tower of writing my future. It happened when I tried to make a correction shortly after publishing the post; there was a blink, a flash of light and then that page appeared that says the site is timed out. Timed out. Quite the interesting term. My webmaster tried everything he could think of to restore timed in, but when nothing worked he told me to check with my service provider. There I was sent first to Level 1, then to Level 2 and finally to Level 3 help, all to no avail. Meanwhile, other people could visit the site, and so could I if I left my house and used a computer elsewhere, or if I used my phone with Wi-Fi turned off when I was in my house. That’s when I had the brilliant idea to make that correction off-site, so to speak, cause, you know, maybe there was an evil spirit  in my house, or possibily in my wireless. But bam! I got timed out again and couldn’t get back in.

What the…..!!! Was something or someone out there trying to tell me to STOP! with the writing my future?!!!  After I had calmed down and given that possibility some thought, I decided I was willing to do that. Interestingly enough that’s when my webmaster contacted me to let me know the problem was fixed. By that time, however,I had already been experiencing living my future big time. Bigger than anything I could ever have imagined or even written into being. Sorry I can’t tell you the details because of the contrived and artificial thing I’m not going to do anymore; however, I will share a poem that wrote itself in my consciousness during my time out:


The content of their talking Is all about what is wrong,

And I notice the urgency they feel to change the world.

They are full of rage toward those who abuse the earth,

And I notice they do not know forgiveness can transform.

The sound of my voice startles,

And I notice how they stop to listen.

Everything coalesces around me and then moves out with fluidity.

And I notice I need to do nothing but be.

On that note I will end by affirming that if you ever need me for anything, you will find me. The same goes for me finding you. And if our paths never cross again, no matter, because there is only one way we can save the world anyway:

…live the questions themselves like locked rooms or books that are written in a foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers; they cannot be given to you now because you would not be able to live them. And the point is to live everything. (emphasis mine). Live the questions now. You will then, gradually, without even noticing it perhaps, live along some day into the answer.  Rainer Maria Rilke

May your journey be joyful  J.K.


#27 Real Magic

If We Refuse To Imagine It, How Can We Create It?

A reader left a crank comment on my last post. (No–don’t go looking for–it was not publishable! Anyway, I’m pretty sure he was a drive-by, maybe even a spammer that outwitted the spam filter; certainly not one of my wonderful subscribers.) He said how could I be so stupid as to believe the world is a whimsical place while coincidence is a much better explanation for what is happening when my writing occasionally “comes true.” “Magical thinking,” he sneered. All of which forces me to think further about my so-called bias.

Fortunately, I remember I am in the middle of an experiment that involves believing, make-believing, suspending disbelief and so forth; therefore, if I had thoughtlessly gone with the premise of coincidence, I would have spoiled the experiment of whether I can indeed write my future. And since magic is the future I am writing, I simply have to believe in it for now. Or, at minimum, suspend my disbelief. So I decide to embrace the world view of magical thinking in order to create “real” magic, which, I note in passing, is a most delicious oxymoron.

While I revel in my own open-mindedness, Renee is still not ready to let go of realistic thinking after her outburst about “not getting” the lived spirituality of various Potluck characters:

Everyone looked astonished.  “But of course you get it,” Abel soothed. “All of the opposites need to be present, the paradoxes if you will, before you can experience Truth. No, before we can all recognize the truth. What happened when everyone began to promote their own agendas a few minutes ago? You and I started having fun eating, and one-by-one people recognized the Truth.  None of us here are totally spiritually evolved. We are all learning. And the best way to find Truth is to live our answers, or as some wise person once said, live the questions. There is no one here who is not willing to acknowledge when the emperor has no clothes. That’s what makes us spiritually distinct.”

Renee looked across the table at Dee. “I am sorry I called you a hooker.”

“I guess I could be offended and insist that you pretty it up by saying I am the Goddess, the Sacred Prostitute, Mary Magdalene– but you are right, I’m a hooker. I used to seduce people to indulge in what is sweet in life, and now I hook men into paying me money in exchange for an experience of the Feminine. It’s my job and I don’t apologize for doing my job. Excess and sensuality both have their places.”

“And I don’t apologize for pointing out that worldly wealth is a mighty handy thing,” Fuller added without a trace of malice in his tone. “It makes me happy to bring $300 an-ounce caviar to a party.”

Ada looked pensive. “I eat my vegetables every day of the week, so when I come here, I look forward to some fancy sweets and a little junk food. I’m so glad there are people here willing to feed that need.”

“As far as Joe is concerned, he’s is not one to mince words,” Reese explained. “He has learned that talk is cheap and the boldest statement is to walk away. People aren’t used to it, you know, so they pay attention.”


Hey! If I am more enlightened than Renee, how is she my future? Oh dear!

#20 Q & A

Live The Questions, Write The Answers

I am sitting at my computer in my home office, but the faces around the potluck table look back at me. I wonder where they have come from and what they want from me. I know the only way to get answers to those questions is to write them, so I pick up where I left off with Ada introducing Reese Archer as a physicist researching the God particle.

Wait a minute! There’s a God particle?!!!  Renee was about to voice her astonishment at this of anomalous piece of information, but Ada was already focusing on Joe Kerr seated to her right at the short end of the table. “And this is Joe, whom you have already met. Whenever we are stuck for answers, Joe shows us the way. And now, before we get our food, I would like to ask Gilda to say the blessing.”

Gilda rose and quietly announced, “It is done, it is done, it is done. The food is blessed and so are we. We are grateful.”

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