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When Is A Gift Not A Gift?

That Looks A Lot Like a Riddle. What Fun!

When you read these posts I hope you also read the replies, because many of them are more thought-provoking than the posts that inspired them! For instance, last time when I wrote about how I perceived Heifer International to be a great model of a gift economy. Lisa responded that it is a great business model, but not a true example of gifting because the recipient of a heifer or other animal is expected to take care of the animal in a prescribed way and pass the “gift” to another family. In contrast a true gift, according to Lisa…and Eisenstein…is given freely with no expectations.

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How Interest-ed Are You?

Zero  or negative Interest? Are you serious?!!!

Well, yes, I guess I am, and I’m calling it investing. Investing in a future worth having.

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Old Story/New Story

I Love How Stories Can Change the World!

Today I am having fun because (according to Sacred Economics), the old story that I told you last time is going away and a new one is starting to show itself. The old story is one of economic enslavement of the masses, non-conscious ideation (that means most of us had no idea we are slaves), abuse of the earth and its (limited) resources, money as impersonal, and the biggest problem of a market economy: interest-bearing debt. I didn’t mention interest-bearing debt in my last post because, as you may remember, I was not having fun anymore, so I had to quit. But today I am ready to mention it quickly because I am so excited to go on to solutions.

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It’s Complicated!

But Can It Still Be Fun?

I won’t know the answer to that until I finish writing this post. Last week I attempted to summarize for a small group of my friends what, according to Charles Eisenstein, is wrong with a market economy. I was very disorganized with the pieces of information I threw at them, and even now my brain feels fuzzy when I think about all the moving parts. Still, I promised you. So I will keep my promise, but with a caveat: if I’m not having fun, I will stop and return to a state of spiritual ADHD and you will be SOL. What I mean by that is that you will have to read¬†Sacred Economics yourself because I will be MIA.

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