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#29 Whimsy Is Good

So Maybe I Don’t Agree With Dr. Jung After All

One day recently, while a member of our “Writing My Future” group and I were having a  philosophical discussion about the nature of the universe, she suddenly made the announcement that although she believed in active good, which she called God, she did not believe in active evil. Evil, she proclaimed, is not a condition unique unto itself, but rather a lack of goodness.

How dare she, a person I had longed deemed exceptionally intelligent, say something so…so…wrong!  After a brief moment of collecting some thoughts, I responded, eloquently I hope, about how psychiatrist Carl Jung viewed the world of wholeness wrapped up in packages of opposites: love-hate, yin-yang, above-below…

“Active good without its opposite of active evil is…” I struggled to find the right word… “whimsical!” 

The word caught me by surprise. Renee’s world was whimsical: Monty showing up  40 years after she first met him and taking her to Serena’s parlor with the crystal ball and then on to that wonderful potluck of Alice characters was whimsical. Whimsy is fun!

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#26 Coincidence?

Maybe, But I Prefer Another Explanation

In my last post I off-handedly observed I was a worldview experimenter, my main–and only–experiment being the one about writing my future. What I have observed so far in this experiment is that the results have not been even remotely predictable. When I started, I thought that either my writing would come true in my life or it would not. But what is happening is that pieces of it are showing up, but not always in my life and not always exactly as I have written them. What does this tell me about the nature of the universe? While I ponder this, let me share the next excerpt from ‘The Potluck.’ We left Abel and Renee doctoring the salad:

They were having such fun that at first they didn’t notice the room had turned quiet. At last Renee looked up to see that all eyes were on them. “What?!!” Her tone was one of reactive embarrassment.

Ima was the first to speak. “Joe and Abel and now Renee, too, are right and the rest of us are wrong.”

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