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#10 Deflated

Don’t Just Write to Please Your Audience!

I’m really happy that Serena wants to be in my book, but not so much the crystal ball. Not that I have anything against crystal balls, but….been there, done that! I’m supposed to be writing my future, not my past. Maybe that’s why none of what I am writing is coming true. Nevertheless, the chapter needs finishing, so I finish it:

Serena’s smile was serene. “Just gaze into da ball and relax. If you see someting, don’t try to make analysis. Just obserfe until it passes.” Her eyes were so kind and twinkly that all consternation melted away. As her voice softened and slowed, Renee’s body relaxed in response. The words her guide caressed with her tongue were foreign. Was it Czech? Hungarian? Romanian?  No matter; they were comforting. The ball turned cloudy and time ceased to exist.

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